Nonfiction and Poetry Without Boundaries

A Special Note: Submissions Updates and COVID-19

If you’re newly submitting or waiting on a response from us, please be patient as we are working on catching up on reading. See updates.

About The Crossing

The Crossing is an independent literary magazine dedicated to publishing creative nonfiction and poetry online that crosses boundaries, whether in form, content, genre or some other type of “crossing.” We’re a fledging magazine reading for our first issue, but we also publish featured submissions on a rolling basis, so there’ll always be some good stuff available to read.

What’s in a name?

Our name pays homage to one of our literary heroes, Cormac McCarthy, and his novel of the same title. We like his minimalism, boldness, and the way his writing brings beauty to ugliness.

Writing We Like

The weird. The experimental. The understated. The brave. Send us your form-bending, your multi-genre (or media–we’re fans of all types of composition, here), your truths that are itching to get out but that you maybe can’t say out loud quite yet. Send us whatever you consider to be some type of crossing–while we’re big fans of pieces that experiment with form, we also know that sometimes writing in any way about a difficult topic is an act of crossing boundaries in itself. We happily publish pieces by writers of all backgrounds and welcome the voices of women, LGBTQIA, people of color, and folks of any age. Our goal is to make The Crossing a space where you can read and share a variety of experiences and good, compelling writing.